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The Conscious Aging Program is FREE and offered via four workshops, as detailed below. You may attend just one, a few, or all four.

June 1: 9 am - 12 pm

Suffering comes from the simple refusal to accept reality. Surrender is an attitude of deep acceptance - not complacency - which opens the door to previously unseen potentials and possibilities.

June 1: 2 pm - 5 pm

We have a unique opportunity to enter into fully authentic living when we face our mortality, creating a relationship that empowers our living. Instead of a constriction based on fear, we can create of death an ally to transform our experience of aging.

Why Practice Conscious Aging?

Conscious Aging: 
A Pilot Program With The Institute of Noetic Sciences

Conscious Aging Program SeriesDeveloped by the acclaimed Institute of Noetic Scienes (IONS), Conscious Aging is being piloted at just 30 venues across the US. Join us here at Rock The Path to participate in a unique opportunity, presented in four workshops (detailed at left), to transform the process of aging from limitation to exciting potenial.

For many, the latter phase of life can be daunting and colored by uncertainty and fear. Join us as together we re-write this script and challenge prevailing notions of what it means - and what it doesn’t have to mean - to age.

Utilizing meditations, mindfulness, envisioning, collective discussion, journaling, and sharing we’ll invite shifts in consciousness away from self-limitation, lack, isolation, and fear--towards expansiveness, inclusiveness, wholeness, connection, and compassion.

Develop self-compassion to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stresses associated with aging;

Explore unexamined, self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions about aging and make better, more conscious choices about our worldviews on aging;

• Discover and reflect on what has given heart and meaning to our lives and how that informs our intentions for our aging process;

Enhance connection and reduce isolation from others and the web of life by understanding our shared humanity in the aging process;

• Reduce fear and increase acceptance in the presence of death and dying for ourselves and for our loved ones.

"At a time when the dominant societal view of one’s later years remains one of diminution, loss, and disengagement from active contribution to the larger community, proponents of conscious aging focus on the elder years as having the potential for wholeness, passions, purpose, spiritual growth, and commitment to serving the community. These years have the potential to be the pinnacle of personal development for those who work toward this goal. However, becoming such an elder doesn’t just happen. It is the result of conscious choices and preparation at all levels: physical, psychological and spiritual." - Ron Pevny, Founder + Director, Center For Conscious Eldering


Conscious Aging: Reviews From The Pilot Program With The Institute of Noetic Sciences

"I need to understand death and dying and get over fear. This was a comfortable "ease into it" group. The openness, sharing... It was perfect!" - Lynn

"I hoped to learn facts, to be stimulated by current research (facilitators are always up on recent findings). I hoped to hear a lot of things I *disagreed* with, in order to open my mind to new thoughts. I was so engrossed in the workshop, I did not realize it was raining! A testament to the interesting, inspiring work going on in the "inside." Amazed how many things I wrote down to pursue at a later date, books, websites, resources... this was an easy, open, honest program. It could be a weekend workshop with a lot of experiential exercises." - Ann

"I came to be exposed to new ideas so that I can develop my own "aging plan" and try to deal with the aging people in my life, to better relate to their aging issues. I liked the consciousness groundwork, focus on compassion for self, the sharing of experiences, practical suggestions, and the group dynamics - warm, engaging conversations. I was introduced to Hemi-Sync and will get a CD and listen." - Julee Johnson

"I was feeling a need for change, wanting to start down the road to change aging and knowing that the time is now. This was a KISS (keep it simple stupid) class - perfect!! No excessive mumbo-jumbo. Down to earth - easy to digest... the humor made it all comfortable." - Lynn

"I came to be more comfortable in my own skin, and liked the sharing and talking with each other."
- Sienne Smith

"I came to learn to be more accepting of myself at this age, to like myself, to stop worrying about aging and learned just how stuck I really am in grief. I came away with a wealth of info to take home. Breath with my heart..." - Linda

"I was hoping to learn to love myself more and appreciate the gifts I can share with others. I liked the great energy from others around me - didn't feel like I was hiding (as usual), and I had a few light bulb moments, which will stay with me." - Lianne Pottle

"I was curious about this, and hoped to gain new insight into my personal journey. I liked the ease of the presentation, the intimacy, time allowed, hearing what others had to say and sharing personal stories, which identifies the humanity we all share." - Susan

"I like the user friendly format. I hoped to move on a little in my life and share with other people. I learned that suffering is not in isolation. People are so resilient." - Participant

"I love the facilitators' enthusiasm - they could teach rubbish and make it exciting and interesting. I looked forward to receiving new insights into aging and knew I'd be encouraged through lecture and activities to produce my own insights. I also wanted to hang out with older folks like myself, and hoped the workshop would live up to its title 'Conscious Aging.' Yes indeed. I became aware of some lifelong ideas and beliefs that have not served me well - not then, not now, and hopefully, not in the future. I wish it could have been longer." - Anne

"I seek out lectures of interest, love, thought and study and experienced community, sharing, fellowship, insight and acceptance." - Libby Repplier

"I came to become more comfortable and experience death as transitional and celebratory. It was a lot of fun, and I like the feeling of community and openness." - Ann

"I came for the exploration of the death experience (and eating pie while discussing death)! I liked the presentation of the slides to generate discussion and feel closer to understanding where I think I am on the continuum from 'denial' to 'embrace.'" - Susan

"Very interesting... liked the the food for thought and experience of the teachers - realized I am worried about how my children will react to my dying." - Linda